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(Intermediate Frequency Interferential Current Therapy Apparatus)




l   Penetrate the tissue deeply

l   Relaxation

l   Muscular sport

l   Pain Relief

l   Large colorful LCD display

l   Build-in 11 programs

l   Pain relief treatment

l   Sine wave current, using comfortable

l   2 output channels with 8 pads 


l   Pain Relief

Suitable for various kinds of pain to relieve, nerve

ending numb, shoulder stiff and lumbago relievable.

Uses in to treat each kind of related systematic pain

such as nerve, muscle, bone, skeleton and joint, …etc.

and advance the therapy of bone fracture healed.

Apply onto the abdominal region can promote the

intestines to wriggle, improve the constipation. 


l   Relax the muscle and eliminate edema, promote

blood circulation, backflow of lymph & vena, and

improve nutrition enhancement.

The rhythmic muscle traction and release, can

improve the lymph backflow, and eliminate the



l   Stimulate the muscle to contract on beautycare,

increase the muscular tension to shape of body.

And also can train for muscle strengthening and

shape the body .

The intermediate frequency current therapy

stimulates the abdominal region to do the aerobic. 


l   Low electric frequency occurred while two sets of

connection pads functioned decussately, which

can penetrate into the tissue deeply to relief &

comfort onto the pain area. 


l   CE, GMP Approval


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