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Water Technology – Portable Cup with Water Purifier

l   Small & the lightest weight but performs great

l   Three kinds of effects in one; Quadruple filtration

l   New Antibacterial Technology -Nano Silver (Ag +) Filter Membrane

l   Filtering out 99.9% of bacteria

l   Natural weak alkali water with PH7.2

l   Anti-bacterial activated carbon

l   Non-sodium ion exchange resin

l   Patent from Japan and manufacturing in Taiwan 



l   It is in particular a necessity during natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods

l   As long as there is a public water source (e.g. tap water or fresh water, mountain spring water, etc) it can come in handy, allowing you to enjoy pure and natural weak alkali water at any time and any place

l   The first and only personalized portable water purifier in the world, providing you with safe, clean and worry-free drinking water

l   Filtration capability can be up to 330 cups (100 liters)

l   Up to 99.9% sterilization and anti-bacterial effect with the nano-silver sterilization membrane  ( remove up to 600 kinds of harmful bacteria in water )

l   With quadruple filtrations of up/down nano-silver sterilization membranes, anti-bacterial activated carbon, and non-sodium ion exchange resin, it can handle organic and inorganic pollutants effectively and at the same time, it can also filter out heavy metals and remove chlorine

l   Those bacteria to be filtrated out are common E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Candida albicans, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa….etc. 


Intellectual property right, patent and certification:

l   Germany patent

l   Japan patent

l   ROC patent

l   PRC patent

l   US patent proceeding

l   Japan intellectual property right registration

l   The product structure was awarded as the first place of the ” First Hydraulic Engineering Innovation Competition” and also was awarded in 1993 Japan Invention Competition

l   SGS EU foodstuff safety inspection

l   British WRAS inspection

l   National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certificate